How Do I Disallow the Physgun to be Used on Brushes?

To my understanding brushes are the building blocks of hammer maps. However, whenever I press Ctrl+T and set a block to func_brush it becomes grabbable with the Physics Gun in Gmod. How do I solve this problem?

Turn off smart edit and do
allow_physgun 0

By that you meant to create a new property named “allow_physgun” and set its value to zero, correct? If that’s so it didn’t seem to work.

no I believe it is “gmod_allowphysgun = 0”

That seemed to work, although it does still tell me I own the prop the first time I aim my physgun at it, it no longer allows me to move it around. Thank you very much.

However, this brings up another question. Is there an easier way to do this for all brushes on my map without putting in this command for each individual one? If so, could anyone tell me how? I’d really appreciate it.

Normal brushes don’t move as it is.

only brushes like func_rotating or func_brush move really.

Well how would I go about returning a func_brush to a “normal brush”?

move to world

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wow that sounded vivid. There’s a command called “move to world” up in one of the drop down menus.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.