How do I do make my groups target other groups like this?

I created this thread on another forum, but I’m trying to get help ASAP.

I’ve tried editing all the inheritance and everything and a dtrialmoderator can still pick up an owner. This is my setup:

User: can target !%operator
Noaccess: Inherits from user, can target: !%user
Operator: inherits from user, can target: !%donator
admin: inherits from operator, can target: !%superadmin
superadmin: inherits from admin, can target: !%headadmin
headadmin: inherits from superadmin, can target: !%coowner
coowner: inherits from headadmin, can target: !%owner
owner: inherits from coowner, can target: *
donator: inherits from user, can target: !%trialmoderator
trialmoderator: inherits from donator, can target: !%dtrialmoderator
dtrialmoderator: inherits from trialmoderator, can target: !%moderator
moderator: inherits from dtrialmoderator, can target: !%dmoderator
dmoderator: inherits from moderator, can target: !%admin

Any ideas?
What I’m trying to do is make it for each group can only target the same rank as them or lower.

That stuff confuses me as well. Firstly, i’d suggest looking at:

If that doesn’t help you, you should post on the Ulysses forums. They’re the ones who created ULX/Ulib after all.

No, sir. You didn’t read the title.