How do I do this?

So my friend made a system wich launches a random prop towards a random player every second but how do I make it so that it gets more frequent and faster when time passes?

Do I make multiple timers that activates once the one before is stopped?

Just add a certain number of repetitions to your timer, then after all of those have passed, make a new timer with a lower time.

You could also create a think hook and do a curtime timer where you’d do something like,

local PropTime = CurTime()
local PropsFired = 0

hook.Add( "Think", "PropTimer", function()
    if CurTime() < PropTime then return end
    -- Prop shooting code here.
    PropsFired = PropsFired + 1
    PropTime = Curtime + 3 / PropsFired -- Fiddle around with the number.
end )

Sorry if something is horribly wrong here, I’m doing this on a tablet.