How do i do this?

So what i basicly want is 2 Laser reflectors (Mirrors, duh) placed infront of eachother, now i have tried to do this with the psy gun but i can’t get them to face eahother perfectly, so every laser beam reflects to the exact same spot on the other mirror…
Also tried holding shift, but i guess my mouse finesse skill is not good enough xD.

Can anyone help me?

jam them both into a corner then slowly move one of them away

I don’t quitte understand what you mean, for example on the map flatgrass, what do i do?

Are there any mods that let me do this =/?

Wiremod comes with a modified easy weld tool with 45-degree snapping.

I forgot the site with those mods and tags above, they we’re small and big xD, (The tags).
Do you know the site by any chance :S.
Last time using Gmod was 1year ago xD.

Rotating something whilst holding Shift + E makes it rotate whilst snapping to the world grid. Makes it really easy to align props.


At least i think its Shift + E keys at the same time… it might be Ctrl + E. Try both. Sorry i can’t remember which one it is, i just do it naturally without thinking.


Sorry, i also forgot to say its while using the physgun.