How do I don't get naked model?

Nudity is not allowed in China, could you tell me how to make character models not naked
I’m sorry, my English is poor

Nudity is not aloud in england cant just go walking the street’s naked :quagmire:, its only a game Not Porn! :quagmire:

The nudity “problem” (I have not a problem with that, because I’m from Europe…) is currently addressed in some future release of the game: Have a look on trello…

For information, I also know some foreign, but China is more conservative, can’t, so is China. Naked = porn.
Please help, thank you

But in China the law is very more restrictive than in UK. Think outside the box please.

Sorry for my Irrelivent comment, i understand Im sure it might not always be like this to make it more … cant think of the word

Redsnow, nudity would disapear with the steam release. You’ll be able to play in few days. You don’t have any other solution at the moment…

See you

A: thank you very much for your answer, for China’s laws and regulations, I also helpless.
If there is not nude model, then we YY90098 hosts will be very happy.

So I won’t be able to swim across river with my nordic character? Like Skyrim. . . ?? :frowning: Crap.

Can be an option the nudity?


Try it on DEV. version and NEW patch server.
otherwise wait for the Next update on 11/12/13

You can’t have any porn in China? Well I know where I’m never traveling :v:

To disable nudity, type “censor.nudity true” into the console.

Welcome to China to travel, but you should go to Beijing