how do i drive a car

every time i try to drive a car i just glitch out and can’t do any thing what am i doing wrong

go around to the back of the car with some low grade fuel and press alt+f4 to fill it up, then you should be able to drive it

dude how many people fall for that one now = none. this is a problem and i don’t know what to do

so thanks for your reply although its a stupid reply


There is no way to drive a car at the moment. You have to wait for the DEVs to enable it.

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i own my own server should of put that in the main post

Pretty sure the cars aren’t drivable.
I don’t know if or when any of that will change.

lets all plug our servers

the thing is i can spawn a car i can get in it but it just dose nothing atall

Yeah even though you own (more accurately “rent”) a server you still can’t drive cars. In Garry’s AMA I believe he references that they were playing with it but for now it’s a no go.

They removed all keybinds for the car, the only thing you can do is sit inside it.

They removed them so people can’t use the car, for now.

You need to craft some rope and tie it to a team of 6 nekked cavemen and have them pull you around like a dog sled.

Wait, wait. When did they add cars!? The whole time I was playing I haven’t seen one.