How do I edit a custom f4 menu TAB?

Hello, I am atm helping my friend with a DarkRP server, but I came across a problem. We want to make a new tab called f.ex “VIP Jobs” in the f4 menu, and we did so. However, we now want to connect this tab with the darkrp jobs, but I dont want to connect it with the normal jobs.lua. I want to make a new document one called f.ex vipjobs.lua, where I can put in the jobs that’s only suposed to show up when you click the f4 menu tab called “VIP Jobs”. So basically I want to add an additional job.lua, but I will only make the vipjobs there and then I want to connect this document so the jobs inside the vipjobs.lua shows up in the tab “VIP Jobs”.
So my final questions is: “How do I do so?”.

Btw, sorry for bad english, it’s not my native language + I’m also in a bit hurry so notime for spell check.
Anyway thanks for spending some of your precious time on reading this.

// Judas