How do i edit textures?

All i have is gimp, can i edit textures with that? because i want to make a perskin and i need a way to reskin and hex my models. can i edit textures with gimp?

use gimp and VTFEdit

Open the VTF files from the model in VTFEdit and use exporting (JPEG and other compatible file types) to make them photoshopable. The rest is up to you and Photoshop and/or gimp.

thanks, so then, how do i hex it?

then use gimp

Edit it, use brushes, draw it, what ever you do to it, it is editing. After that, open the file in VTFEdit and save it as a VTF aka press the save button. After that put in the materials folder for the model you wish to change with.

Oh right. That didnt work. Literally, the hex tutorial Silver Spirit made somewhat screws and helps at the same time. Either that or my model isn’t in correct shape.

You don’t have to do that for Photoshop. There’s a VTF plugin that just allows you to open raw VTF files.

I know, but i want to add layers to make the skin more lifelike. Still, i do have that plugin, glitches sometimes on me.