How do I edit the MOTD on ULX?

I made a listen server so I can play with my friends. I got ULX to do stuff easier. When I start up my server, the motd pops up. how do I edit it?

Navigate to addons/ulx/ulx_motd.txt

You will then see the default MOTD which is coded using HTML.
HTML is basic, you’ll probably pick up how to use it within seconds anyway.

If you want to disable the MOTD so it doesn’t appear anymore, you’ll have to disable it from the ULX config file which can be found at addons/ulx/data/ulx/config.txt
In there you will see:
ulx showMotd 1 ; Set to 0 to disable showing motd on connect. Shows the file the cvar motdfile says to. Set to a URL to show a URL.
motdfile ulx_motd.txt ; The motd to show

As the message along side it says, change it to 0 to disable your MOTD from displaying on your server.