How do i enable bridge mode on my linksys modem?

The title says it all really, how do i enable bridge mode on my modem ? The reason is for this is that i have made my own dedicated server and it was fine the last 2 days but all of a sudden no-one can connect to it and it is appearing in my lan tab on steam servers, i have not touched no settings. Please help. Thanks.

cmd>ipconfig/all>search for your ipv4 address>use that ip when fowarding

ok i see why now, i did that ipconfig thing and found out that the ip on my port forwarding ended in 101 when the actual ip ends in 102, so i see thats the problem, but i changed the port numbers and when i try to change it back with the correct ip it says port number already exists?

Delete the old configuration then recreate it.

For some odd reason, when routers update configurations, they create a new one then delete the old one, so if both the old and new configs use the same port and just the internal or local ip changes, then you get the error.

In laymans terms, the router does things backwards so delete the config then recreate it with the new ip.

To prevent this from happening, find LAN Setup and assign your server a static local ip adress so you never have to change the port forwarding settings.