How do I enable the console menu?

It’s quite embarassing that I’m having to ask this, nevertheless I just started mapping yesterday and wanted to test my first few maps.
However I don’t know how to get the console menu up upon opening Half Life 2 so I can type in the name of my map for testing. I’ve been told I need to enable the console menu in the “Configuration Menu” but I don’t know how to get to that.

Could someone explain how to do it, please?

Options>Keyboard>Advanced>enable developer console

All ingame of course.


Um, do I need to create my own server to test the map? These tutorials make very clear how to make maps but not so much on how to test them…

type in console
then a space
then the map name

so if i wanted to play on gm_piss
map gm_piss

Got it working, thanks!

HL2 should load the map automatically once it’s done compiling, as long as you didn’t check the box that said “Don’t run game after compiling” in the compile options window.

I noticed that, but the tutorial I was following said uncheck the box because it can cause complications when the map begins to run, and I was hoping to keep things simple for my first try.

Make sure you don’t have a space in the map name, if you do then your best bet is to recompile but you could also do map “gm some space name fuck” to change the map.

It doesn’t compile if you have spaces in the map filename.

And OP: Which tutorial told you that?

Huh, it does for me lol.