how do i erase files downloaded from multiplayer content?

i am new to garry’s mod so please do understand my concerns about all this problems i have.
i tried to play one of those hl2 dark rp servers and i clicked one of them to join. all of a sudden it started to download tons of files without my permission so i clicked cancel button. then when i view my console bar, it says those files are failed to download so gmod is constantly redownloading those files. I want to remove this from my computer but i don’t know how to do it. please help me where i can find the file contents that has been downloaded for multiplayer servers.

If the files are constantly redownloading from that server it means server has bad setup and you never actually got the files. Note that servers cannot send you any files except for models, sounds, maps, particles, textures.

If you are 100% sure you want to delete that content, delete “download” and “downloads” folders from your garrysmod folder.

thanks Robotboy :slight_smile: oh one last question! do i delete the folder itself?

Delete everything inside download and downloads.

so not the folder itself right? just the ones inside the folder…?


thanks your the best!

It doesn’t matter, you can just as well delete the folder itself.