How do I export .VTA file in 3d max?

I’m using 3d max 2017. but I can’t find any vta plugin or script for 3d max 2017.
wall-worm model tool seriously slow and heavy. also stopped working sometimes.
what should I do for get .vta file?
sorry for my bad english.

AFAIK, I don’t think there is any other plugin that supports vta export other than Wallworm for Max 2017.
All the other smd plugins like wunderboy or cannonfodder only support very old versions of Max, so your pretty much out of luck from using those plugins at all.

However, I do know Game Zombie was working on getting a vta export for his smd plugin. Although, I am not too sure when he will release it though.

Just use vtfedit to convert to png. Even if it’s temporary.

He’s talking about vta files NOT vtf files. Those are two completely different file types.

You can export the flexes as individual SMD frames and generate a VTA externally, using my VTAGenerate tool.