How do I extract models from Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood?

I know there’s roughly 5 or so other threads floating around that ask similar questions about extracting files the New Order and Old Blood, but I’m mainly asking about what programs or scripts I can use to convert or extract the model files for viewing and use in Blender or 3DS Max.

I’ve already managed to unpack to resource files using Unpakke, and now I have the model files but they’re in a .BCM format, which I’m not sure what I need to have to view them in. There was a mention of using Ultimate Unwrap 3D to view them, but they’re not showing up in it for some reason.

here i made a free tool for that

Oh hell yeah.

what could i be doing wrong here

i tried using ninja ripper on new order but no luck. but this unpakke program seems very promising but i cant find any guides for it. mind sharing how you use it?

its written on xentax page:
Drag .bmd6model file into the tool. Corresponding .md6skl must be in the same dir.

no i get that bit, its actually acquiring the resources using unpakke that i am confused with. im used to ninja ripper where you just give it the game executable.

i dont know what are you talking about. unpakke? resources ?

what way of extracting the game archives would you recommend

I think that when I extracted them I used Doomresex.

that just crashes with the generic “stopped working” message when i try opening an archive from the new order

unpakke is the program OP used to get the resource files from wolfenstein. i am having issues on how to use it. or if there are any other programs that can do the job?

i have no idea. People gave me model files and I made a tool for them.