How do i extract this addon

I want to extract the mystery box entity addon but i do not know how


Find the addon, extract it to a folder

i cannot find the addon

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i searched for it in all of my gmod folders

You don’t need to find it manually, you need to find it by opening it up in the program that you get in the link that I gave you by pressing Open

If it was downloaded when you joined a server, it’ll be in garrysmod/downloads/server/ as just some numbers.gma

You’d need to know the workdshop id of the gma to know which one to extract.

Or you know, just use gmad extractor

If you have 100 addons, it may be quicker to open the workshop page and grab the wsid though.

He’s trying to extract 1 addon. I’m talking relevant to the OP. Not worst case scenario

Ok, this is how Garry told us how to extract a .gma file. Go to your GarrysMod/bin folder. Create a .bat file titled whatever the flub you want. Right click on the new batch file and edit the batch file with notepad or any text editor and put this into the text editor:

gmad.exe extract -file "C:\file\path	o\addon.gma"

Then run the batch file by clicking on it and it will extract the addon into the parent folder.
I recommend you make a folder somewhere in your desktop and copy the addons to the folder so you don’t have random folders in your Garrysmod/garrysmod/addon folder. For example:

gmad.exe extract -file "C:\Users\MyLastName\Desktop\extractorfile\simple_hitmarker_201942905.gma"

Make sure that


is on the second line in the text editor.

BTW The reason you put this in GarrysMod/bin is because gmad.exe is located in your bin folder.

More info here:

Edit: I am sure there are gmad extractor programs with actual GUI’s but I like to do it the real way ;).