How do i fav a server?

How do i fav a server with the new server listing system?

Do you have windows or linux? If you have windows press the up arrow at the bottom right of the screen right click the STEAM icon and click servers.
Go to favorites and add the IP.

This is the way I do it.

I’m pretty sure if you want to add a favorite server, you have to use the legacy browser.

I’m not sure what that is but I just explained how to add a favorite server, works for me so it should for you if you have windows.

There’s never been a really convenient way of adding a server to your favorites. The “Legacy Browser” is the old server browsing system that is normally seen in CSS, pre-matchmaking tf2, etc. All you do to open the legacy browser is click on “Legacy Browser” when finding servers in gmod.

Two of the best ways to add a server to your favorites is to either:

  1. Use the legacy browser to look at recently visited servers, right click on the current server you’re on and click “Add server to favorites”
  2. While on the server, open the console (~), type in “status”, then push enter. Copy the ip of the server, (, usually), then open your legacy browser, click on the “Favorites” tab, then on the bottom right, you can add a server to your favorites by it’s IP address, there you simply paste in the ip from the console. Alternatively you can also use the server browser in the steam in-game overlay (shift+tab), rather than the gmod legacy browser

Hope that helps

He’s asking about the new server browser, this. No “favorite” functionality.

Oh sorry then yes you’re talking about the old legacy browser we had before the Gmod update.