How do I find a X/Y Position on a map?

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve ever asked for help (thank god).
I’ve must been annoying and all, I know, and first off I’m sorry to the community.

Anyways, strait to the point! I want to add jail positions to the lua file on DarkRP, and /addjail and /setjailpos don’t save properly. So i’d like to know, how do I find the X/Y Position on a map? That way, I can add the X/Y/Z to the saved positions lua file, on DarkRP. Hope that makes sense, thanks alot!

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In game: Go to where you want to get the position, open your console and type:
lua_run_cl print(Entity(1):GetPos())

Should give ya what you want. Then just go into your file, and enter in the values from the console.

console > getpos

Thank you:)