How do i find Combine voices

im planning on making a video. But i need voices from the combine overwatch , Civil protection , And the prison guards please help.

Like, the premade voice files that the combines speak?

Pre made. like the Sh*t sound Pick up that can and so on

Get GCFscape. There you can open the GCF files in your steamapps folder and extract any files in them (thats where all the combine sounds would be)

No luck i looked but theres no sound files in the gcf. mind helping if its possible


Never mind. i found it in the Source sounds folder


ok in the source sounds i cant find the combine. i can find alyx and such but not combine any suggestions

Didja look in the Half-life 2 and the Half-life 2 content folders?

I got a half hour sound file of every combine sound ever made for HL2 If you want it I can upload it. Dont know how much It would help

Here is something you could get, it might have combine voices, but I am very pleased with it.

Oh meh gawd. is down, again.

Anyways, when you get the chance search Sound pack.


And its up again, of course. Here:

Wouldn’t that be illegal?

who cares?

How in the fuck could It be illegal?



GCFscape and search in sourcesounds there it should be dude

found it thanks guys