how do i find "invisible" leaks?

im sure you people know what i mean when i say there are leaks that the compile log wont tell me about.

i know there is a leak because my maps lighting is fullbright (everything is fully lit from every angle and there is no shading).

so how does one find what is causing the leak?

You use something called a Pointfile; it’s the path the compiler took before finding the leak.

Run map in VBSP only mode. Then click “load pointfile”. Fix the leak. Rinse, repeat.

well i compiled it without running the map and when i clicked load pointfile, hammer still cant find anything. could you please elaborate on what i am supposed to do just to make sure i am doing it right?

If there is no pointfile to load, the problem might be something else.

im starting to think that too. because the water is there and the textures are fine, thats usually the telltale sign for a leak.

whatever it is its causing my maps lighting to clusterfuck

Post your compile log.

Well, first off turn those prop statics into prop dynamics otherwise they ain’t gonna work.
Also you mistyped the name of the skybox.

Get rid of the last rt in the skybox name, that’s used to indicate a side of the skybox, the correct name should be milita_hdr

Looks like your leaves are too complicated, are you using func_detail?

-yes, i have used func_detail everywhere necessary

-the skybox is not mistyped, nor does it need to be changed. i addressed the skybox error in another thread and people told me it is an error that has been occurring since steampipe. it can be ignored.

-im aware of the props and i am currently sorting that out but will that really make a difference on the lighting not working?

Is this still from the same map as before?

Post a picture of the problem you’re seeing in the map. I don’t think I understand what the lights clusterfucking means.

to save me the time of loading everything up, its basically when the map doesnt have shadows and the lighting looks like this

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I asked because I am still working on fixing that for you.

yeah thanks again for helping me out with it, in the mean time i have been looking into other things that might be causing the lighting error. one thing i found was how the elevators clip through the ground and into the void when activated and i thought that it could mess up the cubemaps, but no luck so far.

If the elevators go into the void only after the map has been compiled it doesn’t matter.

Make sure mat_fullbright is 0 and you have a light_environment. Fullbright likes to say on between mapchanges.

the money i would give if only that were the case