How do i find "my" server again??

Im quite new to this game, and found a server i liked. All servers from my history was gone today, and nothing shows up when hitting refresh so how can i find it again?
Please someone help, and why doesnt favourite work on server? Thats quite bullshit.

It may not be showing in your History because it’s offline - probably because of the attacks we’re getting again. It’s said that ‘Favourites’ will be added soon.

The only other way is to go through the server list and look for the server if you remember the name of it.

Using F1 you can use the console to see the server’s IP then use net.connect [IP] to connect to it. I keep my servers in a notepad file. Make sure to get the IP shortly after connecting or else it might be too late and the console will have scroll down too far.