How Do I Find out my Server's IP Address?

Hello Facepunch.

I followed Garry’s Tutorial on setting up a dedicated server here:

I have followed all of his directions for a Windows dedicated server. I don’t know how to find the server IP so I can connect. Also, how do I know if the server is running or not?


Or if it’s on your network, check your Servers->LAN

But how do I find the server’s IP? Whatismyip only tells you your computer’s IP address.

Where is the server installed?


No I mean where physically? Is it on yours? Where?

It’s on my computer. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Here, use my tool:

Your local IP should be the first one on the LAN list.

Just a few more questions:

How do I start the server?
How do I know if a port is forwarded?

Also, thanks for the tool. Really useful.

If you still haven’t forwarded ports have a look at, find your router name and look under Half life 2 server

I ran that command, but it still doesn’t show up under LAN when I click on servers.


I set up my server. Thank you all. I couldn’t have done it without you.