How do i find the output of a default source entity?

I already looked this up on google and the garrysmod wiki, and i still couldn’t find it, i need it for a supply drop system that uses the headcrab canister.

What i’m trying to do is to find the outputs of an entity, when i say ‘outputs’ i mean in Hammer, the output lists.

Please help, all help will be appreciated.

I have actually been working on this recently. What I did was define StoreOutput and TriggerOutput for the entity using the gmod base entity.


GM.BaseStoreOutput = nil
GM.BaseTriggerOutput = nil

function GM:EntityKeyValue( ent, key, value )

if !GAMEMODE.BaseStoreOutput or !GAMEMODE.BaseTriggerOutput then

	local e = scripted_ents.Get( "base_entity" )
	GAMEMODE.BaseStoreOutput = e.StoreOutput
	GAMEMODE.BaseTriggerOutput = e.TriggerOutput

if key:lower():sub( 1, 2 ) == "on" then
	if !ent.StoreOutput or !ent.TriggerOutput then -- probably an engine entity
		ent.StoreOutput = GAMEMODE.BaseStoreOutput
		ent.TriggerOutput = GAMEMODE.BaseTriggerOutput
		if ent.StoreOutput then
			--print(ent, key, value)
			ent:StoreOutput( key, value )


function GM:GetEntityOutputs( ent )

if !IsValid(ent) then print("GAMEMODE.GetEntityOutputs: Attempted to use invalid entity!") return end
if !ent.Outputs then print(tostring(ent).." has no outputs.") return end

return ent.Outputs


I also made a way to get a list of inputs for an entity, but that’s probably not important in your case.