How do i fix this?

I’ve made a test hat, it’s a monocle for Engie, but it’s not in his eye. Why is this happening?

Here’s my qc:

$scale 1.00
$cdmaterials “models”

$body “Body” “Monicle.smd”

$sequence “Idle” “E:\TF2 ITEMS EXPERIMENTS\Monicle\Monicle.smd” fps 30 ACT_IDLE 1

$surfaceprop “metal”

$collisionmodel “E:\TF2 ITEMS EXPERIMENTS\Monicle\Monicle.smd” {
$mass 100.000
$attachment head “bip_head” 0 0 0 rotate 0 0 0

I’d greatly appreciate any help, as i’m very close to being able to contribute some (not crap) (and not this one) items to the workshop

Did you export the bip_head bone with the model itself?

If you didn’t, bonemerging won’t work properly, so assuming it was skinned to bip_head, it’ll be attached to the character but it’ll float wherever it was in your 3d package, rather than it snapping to the right position.

Yeah, the bip_head’s in the smd. I had to rotate the imported engineer model provided by valve 90 degrees about the x axis, along with the bones, to which i bound the monocle, specifically bip_head.

I’ll play about with the Blender export, cause i’m not entirely sure if parenting the hat to the bone is all i need to do, or if i need to add an armature modifier or something.

Thanks for responding btw :slight_smile:

anyone else got any suggestions as to why this might be happening?

You checked the model correctly? maybe it´s a lost part model, but i can´t see that thing properly, can you upload a better quality image?

BTW what changes you did at the engi? can´t see any

Don’t worry, i fixed it. It’s cause i moved the hat’s origin in blender in the wrong mode. It works fine now. Thanks for your concern though Adrian :slight_smile: