How do I force players to download my files?

Such as my sound files or textures? Is it automatic or do I need to put them in a certain directory path. Another question, how do I manipulate/customize my MOTD for my dedicated server. Sorry all these threads I’m making are dumb, it’s just I’m a beginner for managing dedicated servers and this is the best place for answers.

Oh, and another thing that boggled my mind. How do I add admin’s to my servers? Such as myself other than Console.

If you can’t use SVN, you probably should not be running a server. Probably these files you want people to download are sonic playermodels and furries and shit like that.

but how do i customize the number of players and gamemode for the server?

Sound/Texture: LUA, resource.AddFile("")

MOTD: Depends on which Admin Mod you use

what about the maxplayers and gamemode, i’ve tried 'sv_defaultgamemode darkrp" and sv_gamemode" same with “maxplayers” <number> and no dice. anything?

Lets try and use for once?

i have, i still can’t find the issue. anyone at all other than the useless post above me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, 3rd thing popped up…
C:\DIRPATH -game garrysmod +connect ip:port +sv_defaultgamemode +maxplayers

no no fuck the path, i already got the maxplayers and the gamemode via autoexec.cfg

how do i edit the map for the server via command in the cfg file(s)?


so far i’ve tried mapname “rp_downtown_v2”

and changelevel “rp_downtown_v2” but still no dice

any other commands? i’ve did it before a while ago so there’s gotta be an answer to that out there…

map “mapname” Why are you not using the MOST BASIC RESOURCES!? WIKI! WIKIWIKIWIKI! Almost all wikis for games that have console commands will have a list of them! Garrysmod is one.

that don’t work either!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


is there like an sv_defaultmap or something, just putting map “rp_downtown_v2” don’t work.

Use the god damn fucking command line!

Jesus christ