How do I "force" players to listen to my mp3 player when they're on my server?

Does anyone know exactly? And where I can get an MP3 player for gmod [mine is broken]. I want people to listen to the stuff I have. Noob question for a person who’s played Gmod for 3 years but I’m a bit rusty at lua and was curious if anyone knew a simpler way.

why would you force people to listen to what you have? just pute it through the mic.

HLSS or HLDJ. Or, if it’s your server, you can make a jukebox out of lua.

Does anyone have any pre-developed Jukeboxes on here? It seems to be quite useful, essentially for your own little server radio’s.

If you want to play the music with lua then you’re going to have to make all the clients download the song.

lol = vgui.Create(“HTML”)
lol:SetVisible(false) – Declare outside of the VGUI function if you make a derma menu for it.

Later on –

^ Is only suitable if you don’t mind the high risk of crashing your clients. (With certain sites anyway)

Because downloading it from a website SURE ISN’T DOWNLOADING IT nope not at all you can listen to music automagically without any downloading involved!

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Exo-sounds is a nice easy choice and is perfect for what you want.

Well im no coder but this sound player is open for everyone to use, its chat activated so its even open to spam but its still a good addon.

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