How do i Force Post Processing Effect?

I would like to know how i can force clients on my server to use a post-processing effect so all people can see it and not only the people who turn it on. I would like to put snow on my RP server so this is why i would like to know this.

Hope To Here A Response Soon

You can put a script in your autorun/client and use AddCSLuaFile to make sure the client gets it. You can use the DrawBloom, DrawColor, whatever functions to use this. For example, this is a script i’m using that makes your screen turn grey when you die:

[lua]local bright,cont,col = 0,1,1
if !LocalPlayer():Alive() then

	bright = math.Approach(bright, -0.11,0.005)
	cont = math.Approach(cont,0.56,0.005)
	col = math.Approach(col,0,0.005)

	local ScrColTab = {}
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_addr" ] 		= 0
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_addg" ] 		= 0
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_addb" ] 		= 0
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_brightness" ]= bright
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_contrast" ] 	= cont
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_colour" ] 	= col
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_mulr" ] 		= 0
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_mulg" ] 		= 0
	ScrColTab[ "$pp_colour_mulb" ] 		= 0
else bright,cont,col = 0,1,1 end