How do i forward ports for gmod?

I have looked everywhere but i cant seem to find a site to show me how to forward ports on my router. its really my router actually… its a bell 2wire router and motem and i dont know how to forward ports on it. i want to make a gmod server of course. does anyone have the same router as me and can help?

Go to the routers IP (find it with: Start -> Run… (You can also press “Windows Key + R”), then type cmd. While in CMD, type: ipconfig.
There you see Standard Gateway, copy that IP, and type that in the adress bar of your browser), then log in with the login details. If you own the router, you know the inlog details, or they are default (Most of the time you can find them in your user manual), and if your parents own and manage it, I think you won’t be able to get in there.
But, if you made it in there, go to Port forwarding, and then forward the range 27005-27015 to your local ip (ipconfig in cmd again, then use the most above IP)



Btw, can’t find my enter button, as you saw

thats the problem the router is totally different i goto this page and its sort of a port forwarding page but its totally different. i need someone who has the same router to help me but thanks anyway


wait im gonna try it


its asking me for an application name… wtf?

Just add a name you like.
If you want, just make it: I love my granny

what about the application type do i leave it at “none (default)” or “Microsoft Games”? or something else?

Just none.
It’s just some default.
My router can have Age-of-Empires and shit, don’t want it anyways.


Screenshot would be useful to be sure!

how do i put the screenshot here?


wait a sec ill try it out


it didnt work!


lol forgot to enable it after i forwarded trying again…


it still didnt work

PM me your steam inlogname, So I can help you on a other way.
I think it’s safer than post some details here.