How do I gain access to RAW HL2 facial expression files?

Are they embedded in the .ani files? Because I can’t seem to change them regardless of what files I edit. I just can’t find them anywhere.

You need to decompile scenes.image.

If you want to access the flexes of an individual model you need to decompile the model and edit the VTA file.

Thanks, is there any specific way to decompile the .image file?

Use this. That’ll give you the VCD files, which you can edit with Faceposer.

But what exactly are you trying to do?

Extracting them worked, is there some kind of link between the map and the VCD files? Is there anyway to recompile the VCDs into scenes.image or is do I have to recompile the maps as well?

I’m trying to “corrupt” them, it’s hard to explain.

To recompile scenes.image use the Faceposer tool in Source SDK. Honestly I don’t know much about this whole business, I recommend looking it up on the valve wiki.

Thanks very much!