How do i get a beta key ?

So i’m new around here and i really want to play Rust, so i would like to know to get a beta key. Thx.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap key begging thread/LOOK befoer you post" - postal))

In the case you are being serious beta keys are no longer available. A simple search and you would have known that

you get it pm-ing me

And if you buy me gold I can get one for you :dance:

Top right > buy upgrades > buy gold.


You will get a beta key in the email.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can post

in img tags in this thread to enter a lottery to get a Rust Beta Key!

example :

with no spaces

SHH SHHHH. Keep it down… you hear that? Ok nevermind… you gotta keep it down man or else they might ban you for asking for a key…