How Do i get a bigger playerbase?

Me and My friend Kieren have started up a DarkRP server but been having questions about where to Advertise our server (Obviously not here XD) Anyways, we were wondering 2 things. The main question is to where we should put up our server on websites and maybe and forums and the second question is on how to increase Addon limit as we have ALOT of custom shit

Forums and sites won’t get you people. DRP has the challenge of having a lot of servers that already exist. Don’t try to be unique, try to be entertaining and a good place to stay. People (naturally) will eventually regular and if it goes well it should (naturally) get more popular.

Be a refuge from shitty servers, basically.

Lower the addon count to be as bare bones as you can, but have stuff that universally would be the most usable and helpful. That way it’s still got a little flavor.

Download times will throw people away.

Understandable, Being A refuge from shitty server if a bit harder to do when being bare bones though, But will keep that in mind :slight_smile:

doesn’t have to be truly bare bones. Lower the addon count to maybe 6 small and 1-3 major and then test have multiple people see if its an “Ok download time”

additionally, small steps towards advertising. it’s “Just another drp server” but you could probably still find people. Baby steps.

Finding out how to effectively advertise will really help. Nothing major immediately, and a forum is only good for massive communities. (i would skip the website if you are making one and directly have a forum, as they’re the ultimate form of website)

Really the Addons mostly consist of Playermodels for all jobs and FA:S 2 Weapons. There are Scripts from Coderhire though. You do seem to know alot about server hosting though, do you mind me adding you on steam to show you the server, it would be more appreciated :slight_smile:

currently on my main playing games and work and stuff so idk how long it’ll be

I’ll need to reinstall gmod but that shouldn’t take too long

I’ll just be on whenever

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I casually ran servers as a kid for unreal gold / gmod 9, but not to gain a community, just to have fun

Yea, my friend Kieren has a twitch stream and i became friends with him over unturned but he mentioned garry’s mod and i was a part of a community before i saw him so i just put two and two together and we made it

One of the reasons why I don’t play DarkRP among others is it’s always filled with laggy addons and ERRORS. ERROR MODELS EVERYWHERE. And lag and lag and more lag. Whatever you do, test the server on an average or below average PC and if it lags, optimize it by removing things. Do anything that is physically possible to reduce lag on your server. Also make sure you don’t accept crappy admins because they pretend to be a sad poor person. I’d maybe play on it once in awhile if you can do that. (I’m talking about frame lag that clients get, not net lag.)

make something for your server that no other server has. unique and interesting features/weapons are good for making people stay around, but other than that, keeping a darkRP server as close to vanilla is good

Do NOT have minges and make everything fun for your clients. In my experience they don’t care what is on the server just who they play it with. Remember, it isn’t how you play it, it’s the memories you make while playing it.

No, this is where you’re going wrong.

It’s not a good thing to have lots of custom stuff (content) because it’s longer download times.

I set up a DarkRP development server just to test a couple of things and the server populated itself, even though there wasn’t anything ‘special’ on the server.

Same thing happened to me, except with TTT.

I can Assure you, no Squeaker staff or any BAD staff what so ever, that’s a gaurentee. My friend Kieren actually has 2 servers in california that the Gmod server is running off of. And it’s capable of handling 300 player slots ._. i don’t know much about server hosting though but i have been talking to him about fastDL because that seems to be the main problem with the server for now for auto downloading models. Also the fact that we have no idea what mySQL is or how to setup a Donations script to his paypal or setup a Loading screen. I was part of another community and it’s main strength was how unique it was so taking after that i think would be pretty interesting.

Ugh… You have 10x more content than you should AND you have 300 player slots? You do realize this is going to cause major lag? And yet you continue being ridiculous. And DarkRP is not unique. At all.

Lol sorry that probably came across wrong XD The server is CAPABLE of handling 300 Players, we only have 75 slots, and the only Content we have just custom playermodels for all jobs, FA:S 2 Weapons, Rape SWEP, And simple melee. We also have a large amount of scripts from CoderHire. I don’t feel as if just having A darkRP Server as barebones as possible will attract many players, but then again i agree that long downloads will chase players away. If any of you know how to properly setup a FastDL that downloads Models, that would be fucking awesome. The map should also not be much of a problem either because it is Downtown v4 so most everybody has that :slight_smile:

Srcds is one core, 300 isn’t gonna happen. Source 2 possibly, (If Garry ports Gmod that is.)

Now that I have gmod set up

I’m like years out of date though

Aaaaaaaand my point was just further reinforced.

Well, i don’t know much about Lag on the server but if the server my friend has can be capable of having 300 player slots than im pretty sure the 75 slots we have now (Moving down to 25) would leave enough room for even more scripts with no lag.

It is simply not possible to run 300 slots on a SINGLE SRCDS instance. I have an overclocked i7 4.4ghz on my server ( yes, I know, a desktop CPU ) and it is still having trouble running 64/64 slots stably. At 64/64, the dedicated server is running at 90% to 97% CPU usage.