How Do I get A character I downloaded from the GMOD website into the game?

Okay, so I download the FEM Scout from the garrys mod website, I unzipped it, so now I need to know how to get it into GMOD. Anyone care to help me?

If on a PC: Go into C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/<yoursteamusername>/garrysmod/garrysmod.

Vista Version: C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/<yoursteamusername>/garrysmod/garrysmod.

Extract the folders from the .zip into the garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

If on a Mac:

  1. Buy something that doesn’t suck.
  2. Follow the instructions above.

Edit: Damn link ninja.

Thanks, I’ll try that now.

K I’ve done that. But how do I get them into the game? Where do I go in-game to use them?

Browse menu and just browse to where the mdl ought to be.

Hang on, I have Vista, and it’s the same as the first.

Also, the first one is ‘PC’. The PC is the thing you run your system on, you fool :v:

Vista path is incorrect, if you have a (x86) it means you’re going into the 32bit folder on a 64bit system as far as I know, but most systems seem to have both (x86) and one without (x86)