How do i get a key if im not an active community member

Hi guys,

I’ve never really actually cared about anything or participated in anything, but I’ve made games most of my life now it’s sad honestly.

As someone using unity to make my game stuff (and i crush waywo no lie boys) for a long time but I’ve been infatuated with the idea of source 2 and this seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for.

just wondering who i need to send nudes to to get a key
thank you


You got to wait in the q like the rest of the people, Alot of people want access who want to develop, its your fault you never contributed to the workshop before. For now just make things with alyx


cut that reddit response shit outta here that’s not the answer i’m looking for


A bit rude, eh?


but that is the response you will get


I feel like it’s popular right now to create topics to claim a key.

If you were really interested you would have been a part of the community before the queue. A lot of us have followed the games development for years and have been in the community.
Your only option now that nominations are gone is to get to the back of the queue and wait your turn


‘’ Hey I am someone special but I never made anything special to show in Garry’s mod or in Half-Life Alyx nor do I have anything to show right now but I really think I should go over the line because I have experience ‘’

You right now ^^


Post your work here.
I’ve got connections, if it’s good enough then you’ll get in.

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Predator is right, if you really were that interested in S&box and Source 2, you could’ve joined back when you didn’t need Gmod in your library, addons to show, or even be an “active community member” at all, they were accepting everyone with a half decent portfolio, even fresh newcomers that literally just heard of S&box.

The virgin lifelong C# developer
vs. the CHAD guy who made a map once that got upvoted

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A “lifelong C# developer” would’ve gotten instantly approved for a key if he showed their work when the process was manual.

Now that it’s automatic you can’t have a bot look at your Github page and rate it, while the workshop literally comes with built-in community ratings, nobody said the system was perfect but don’t pretend people with actual talent didn’t have the chance to skip the queue altogether.


What are you talking about, I never claimed they didnt have a chance to get access before the queue.

Just making a joke about people on these forums always on their high horse.

you need to chill

Trust me when I say that that is one of the biggest argument people use against the queue, if you said it as a joke then at least we agree that it is a stupid argument to make, it’s just hard to distinguish someone who’s seriousposting from someone who just has it out for the queue.

Contributes as much to the conversation as “Ratio”


minors sending nudes is illegal, plz no

surely we are going to start deleting these key begging posts for real it’s like a daily throwing poo at the wall. :see_no_evil:

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sorry dude, if you’re just gonna need to wait in the queue like the rest of us. if you haven’t made any workshop contributions there’s nothing you can do at this point

You don’t get one. If you dont have community activity, you are banned forever from S&Box
I’m sorry

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hahahah yeah