How do i get a key or donate?

I just saw the game Rust on the Garrys Mod news page so i am confused and wondering if there was anyway to donate to get into the game or not

Right now the policy is that if you have been on the forum for a while you can get a key by buying goldmember. I dont really need a key so I’ll give my key to whoever buys me gold.

Sign up

use code 0000000

Does this even work? Will I get INTO the game? A friend of mine tried it and got a black screen when playing.

Must be him… A friend of mine did it as we’ll and haven’t had a single problem.

I wan’t to try it but it depends if there’s going to be any unforeseen consequences. PsiSyndicate did bring alot of attention to Rust. :stuck_out_tongue:

I seriously doubt they would care about disabling accounts now that they confirmed they’re not going to do anything about the hackers…

I think I’ll wait it out a bit, then try out the key.

So buying Gold INSTANTLY gives me a beta key to register on the game with?

Also the 0000000 doesn’t work.

I know it dosent

If you take a picture with a shoe on your head I’ll give you a key.

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This doesnt really work

^.^ noone answered my question.

I know the 00000000 thing wouldn’t work, I just thought i’d be the one to post the reply and look like a spanner because it looks like noone else wanted to :slight_smile:

Edit: nevermind

Yes, when you buy gold you get a PM from garry with a beta key.