How do I get a list of all the teams in DarkRP?

How do I get a table of all teams in DarkRP? Im trying to make an admin tool which force changes somones job. I have made a context menu like so:

Buttonjob.DoClick = function()
			local jobsList = DermaMenu()
			for k, v in pairs(team.GetAllTeams()) do 
				jobsList:AddOption(v.Name, function()  end)


Which works fine, shows all the jobs names perfectly except theres one small problem. Now I have the names of the jobs, Id like the actual TEAM names for them, for example:
TEAM_POLICE, TEAM_WHATEVER so I can actually change the players job.
Any ideas? I know I’m missing something really simple…

You could try looking in the f4 module for darkrp and throw something together from there.

in the for loop, k will be the team id, if I’m not mistaken.

jobsList:AddOption(, function()

Looks like you are looking for RPExtraTeams.

Keys = index = value of variable TEAM_XXX
Values = job table = table passed into AddExtraTeam/DarkRP.createJob with name key being job name.

Here’s a rubbish example:

– crappy example
for k,v in pairs(RPExtraTeams) do
if k == TEAM_CITIZEN then
– only print if job is citizen
print(, v.description)

In that case you could just do RPExtraTeams[TEAM_CITIZEN] and bypass the for loop but it shows you how the table is made up.