How do I get an idiot to stop bothering me?

On one Rust server that I have been playing on, there is some annoying dude who just wants to ruin certain people but not others. Here is the story:

One day I am just running along outside of my house. Some crazy guy on drugs comes along and kills me 3 times for no reason (this is not the idiot that I refer to in the title). I was a little pissed but I knew if I could avoid him I would be fine. He later said that if I wanted to, I could kill him. I knew it was probably a trap, but I didn’t really care. I wanted to kill this clown.

I went outside to kill him after he told me where he was. My friend was quick to join me. I killed the idiot who killed me 3 times earlier, but right when we killed him another idiot started sniping us (this IS the idiot that I was talking about in the title). He killed my friend 2 times, and then ran when I chased after him. I chased him back to his base before he took cover and I went back home.

Later I spotted this guy working with plenty of other people that I hated, including the one who killed me 3 times. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to go kill this guy. So I went outside of his base and waited for him. Somebody walked out. I couldn’t get close to make sure I was killing the right person or they would know I was there. I wanted the idiot dead bad enough that if I killed the wrong guy, it wouldn’t matter.

I did end up sniping the idiot’s friend, instead of the idiot. So I apologized (since I had no reason to kill who I ended up killing) and I told him his things would remain untouched in his backpack. Ever since I did that. The idiot has been telling everyone to KOS me because I killed his friend…

IS HIS HEAD MADE OF F*CKING METAL? How can he not get it to his brain that he killed my friend not one time but 2 TIMES and he worked with a guy who killed me 3 times. But I guess that makes me a bad guy for accidentally killing his friend?? How do I get this guy to shut up?!? Everyone thinks I KOS now just because he says that! Also can someone please explain to me how that makes me the bad guy here?

Find a new server to play on and you’ll never have to deal with him again.

That is a great idea, but I have tons of hours and progress on this server.

Then good luck.

Suck it up buttercup. These are the rules of Rust.

To avoid this I have a main fortress in the mountains, and then “hunting cabins” that I use when farming/combat. I never ever run to my mountain fortress unless I’m running up to drop off supplies, and do so in the most indirect way possible to avoid anyone finding it. Then head back down to one of my hunting cabins, and move out again from there.

And my fortress, a 9 foundation 5 story tall structure in the mountains is never the target of angst.

I hear ya, it sucks… but realistically the server will wipe everything and you’ll be back to square one anyways soo…

Might as well ditch the assholes and find a new place to call home. :smile:

Who cares if hes telling people you KOS?

Fuck it, KOS. Be that guy. People cry about that guy but it’s fun to be him sometimes. Also, unless you’re terrible, guaranteed 1 day rise to power.

Lol he’s right it is fun to be ‘that guy’. I played as the nice guy on an old server for a very long time, knew all of the regulars on the server. Then I turned evil and it was a jolly good time had by all because it’s perfectly fine to KOS with most people as long as you don’t KOS and be a complete dick about it lol.

y u heff to b mad

its only jus a gam

The game is in alpha, and there will be wipes, it’s going to happen at some point. If you’re going to lose progress, it’s better that it happens now than after you’ve added another 50 or 100 hours to it.


Let me get this straight: After being killed, you tracked them to their home, randomly murdered the first person you came across in a revenge killing, and now you wonder why they have a blood feud with you?

Look, if you’re all torn up about it-- just move your base and change your name.

If I were you I’d ask them if they want to make a treaty. If they say no, I’d stalk the hell out of them and kill them every chance I got. Eventually they’re going to either respect and avoid you (or befriend you), or crush you out of existence.

Be a man; see this through to the end. This is Rust. A blood feud is nothing. What you need is a War.

Maybe you should uninstall Rust.
Maybe you should install DayZ.
Maybe you should play DayZ.

All I read is: QQ

You shouldn’t have apologized and should have taken that guys stuff… his friend is guilty by association.

If someone comes after me like that, if they’re solo players, I’ll hunt them down and kill them over and over again… if they’re with a group, then I will target their entire group, harass them over and over again, blow a wall off their base and flee, shoot my M4 through a window while they’re peacefully cooking chicken in the dark to scare the crap out of them, wait for them to venture away from their group to get resources or loot and head shot them with a bolt rifle from the mountains.

Yeah… PvP as they say… zero regrets and zero mercy. They want to PvP me and try to KoS? I will show them the consequences for their actions and will never let up.

My advice is relocate your main base, craft/get some grenades/c4, and “redecorate” that assholes house. Then throw a door on it and push them out. If you allow them to walk all over you they will.

I feel like you are the bad shoulder angel who is sitting there and telling me about how exactly to be the meanest player that I can be, but fuck that its the best advice I’ve ever had! Thanks bro

Good Angel: “But that’s wrong… I have to tell someone and warn them…”
Bad Angle: Skewers Good Angel with Pitch Fork and Kills him
Bad Angle: “Now we’re in this together.”