How do I get an npc_helicopter to fire missiles?

I’m almost done this boss fight I’m working on, but it’s kind of boring how the helicopter only uses its machine gun. I see the missileon input, which I activated when the helicopter spawns, but it still doesn’t fire missiles. Am I doing something wrong, or do the missiles only work for scripted events?

Do you mean helicopter bombs?

No, heli bombs are controlled by a different set of inputs.

As far as I know, the helicopters don’t fire any missiles.

When the Combine attack Black Mesa East after you play catch with Dog, if you hang around outside Dog’s kennel a Combine Heli comes and fires a load of missiles into a pipe.

Wow, I actually never knew that, that’s quite cool :xd:

That is cool. Gotta find out how to do that.

Yeah, if someone can find out how, a cookie for you.


Wait, has anybody checked the VDC?



Dammit, no documentation for it…

Not entirely relevant but questions like this should go in the sticky. Just so you know next time.

I was gonna mention that part, but couldn’t remember where in the game it was. That’s what I was talking about when I asked if they were only for scripted events, but for all I know that might not have been scripted.

For now, I’m trying to parent an invisible func_tankrocket to the helicopter. It attaches to the helicopter fine, but doesn’t fire for some reason, even though I did “SetTargetEntity !player” and activated it. Am I missing something else?

This post reminds me of Hawx.


Nope not Hawx, I’m Sphinxa279, long time lurker, just started posting recently.

Why has nobody suggested decompiling the HL2 map to take a look at how Valve did it?

I just tried that, and it turns out I wasn’t too far off with my func_tankrocket idea. That map uses two npc_launchers that are parented to the helicopter, so the missiles aren’t actually launched from the copter.