how do i get beta key?

i just red a article about rust on rock paper shotgun 5 minutes ago… and it seems registration is blocked.

is there any way to get a key?

if there isn’t, when can i get to play this game?

as a fan of survival game like dayz and stalker, i cant wait for this any longer.

You must wait to official Garry key giveaway, in this time is giveaway off

thx. and wanna tell me how do i delete this thread?
cant find any way :frowning:

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lol i just found banned guys down there asking how to get a beta keys
tried to delete this thread but it seems there is no way. xD
but it seems little harsh banning people asking things they don’t know.
there is no announcement!

You cant i think, just post: thx now i know it. thread close.

alrighty then!

thx guys! THREAD CLOSE