How do I get CoD Maps into 3DS Max?

I want to film my Gmod movies in 3DS Max. How do I import maps into the program?

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  2. Impossible: to some extent.
  3. Doors over there.

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This should be in the modeling section

Why should it be modeling and not the map section? You of all people should know about map importing and exporting here. How do I import CoD Maps into 3DS?

3DS is a modelling program. Most mappers have no idea how to use it.

I make movies, I need to use it for all of these things.

What you use 3DS for is irrelevant. Mappers only know how to use Hammer, which is why the thread was moved.

As for actually getting a CoD map into 3DS, I have no definite idea. Theoretically, you could use 3DRipper, but I’ve only seen that used for a level twice, and I don’t remember either being finished. Level geometry never ports well.

As Gman003 said, you can try 3DRipper, but it bugs, sometimes you won’t get the full map, just a part of it…

My 3D ripper keeps telling me my scene has too many polys to load in 3DS Max. i also can’t load 3DR files in 3D for some reason, I can only load OBJ.

The dx ripper comes with a .3dr plug-in for max, you’re supposed to use that.

Wait, but it installs that when it’s installing the tool itself, how the fuck did you manage to miss the part where it told you that it’s going to install that?

I did tell it to install the plugin and it just doesn’t listen. I select my current version to install the plugin and it still doesn’t read 3DR.

you are askin this for like 2nd time, in your last thread you were told it’s almost impossible. What the fuck then?

Because it’s not impossible. There’s a way to do it with 3D Ripper DX.

I locked the old thread, please make one thread at a time and stick to it.

Well if you are so badass, why you ask people if you are 100% sure it is possible? If you know it is possible " Just Do It! "

I don’t know how to do it, my 3D ripper can’t read 3DR format, if I get that fixed I can get started.

OK, judging by this and your other thread, you have nowhere near enough skill to pull this off. In fact, I am beginning to doubt your basic technical competency.

Everyone here is telling you that it is nearly impossible. You are focused on just one trivial installation error, and are convinced that, if you can get the program installed correctly, that it will work.

It will not. You can spend as long on this as you want, but the basic facts are that ripping is an incredibly complex and error-prone process. I myself find it impossible to get a working rip. So do most of the people who try. Most likely, so will you.

Well Gman, I managed to Convert models to MDL, texture and animate them alright, I made it this far. I know how to decompile and set up maps. From what I’ve heard from the others, I will have to extract the map in separate parts. Until you explain to me why this can’t work, that is when I will move on. You can’t expect to make a point if you can’t support your side, why wont this work, Gman?

oh ffs, If you make map seperate parts there will be no shadows, or they will be totally shit. Also just fuck it, better make a map similar to it.

Simple history proves me right. I have only ever seen images of TWO map rips.

One was a Clock Town rip by Fluxmage that seems to be dead after over a year of work. A great pity, since it was shaping up to be one of the best maps ever.

The other was a Tower of the Gods rip that was also never released. I can’t even find the thread for it.

FluxMage is one of the most skilled people here. If he wasn’t able to complete a map rip of a simple game like Majora’s Mask, I highly doubt someone who needed his hand held through a simple compile will be able to do this.

Your best bet is to try to recreate the map. That’s how most of the maps from other games end up in GMod.

Stuff like this Outset Island map, this Peach’s Castle map, this Silent Hill map, or any of the other dozens of maps, were remakes, not ports. Someone made them from scratch to look like the original.

Simply put, you need to know your limits. Most of us have been in your position, wanting to make something big but not knowing what’s impossible. Most of us learned rather quickly what we personally couldn’t do. We found our limits, and worked inside them before pushing our boundaries slowly out. You, on the other hand, barge in, demanding assistance, reacting harshly to anyone who does try to help you, and are convinced of your own immense talents, that have thus far been seen only by you.

I look forward to laughing at whatever pitiable excuse for content you eventually push out. I’m also prepared to eat my own words should you show us a video that would make Monty Oum feel inadequate, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I tried being nice. I tried being polite, gentle, reserved. I showed you how to compile a model in the most basic terms possible. You acted like an asshole. Well, it’s not my fault you can’t listen.

I can predict how this is going to go. First, you’ll bitch me out for a few posts. Then you’ll just ignore me and try to get someone else to help. When you eventually figure out that you can’t do it, you’ll claim you’re too busy with other parts of your “project” and ask for someone to port it for you. You’ll get a couple people telling you once more how difficult a task that is. You’ll tell them it’s perfectly possible, and that you’d do it yourself, but you’re too busy with more difficult things.

Eventually, anyone who did work with you will start to realize you have no chance of pulling this off. They’ll start quietly abandoning you. Eventually, it’ll be just you. You may get an occasional burst of interest, but pretty soon you’ll realize that you never had a chance of pulling it off. Hopefully, you’ll learn a lesson on how skilled you actually are, and what you can and cannot do, and come out a wiser and more humbler person.

I know. I’ve been through that. I’m trying to save you the year-and-a-half that it took me to realize that.