How do I get CS.S Working with Hammer?

I’ve looked on a decent amount of websites and none of the tutorials seem to be working for me. I was just wondering how I do this exactly, I reseted the game configurations and everything else. Nothing seems to work, help would be greatly appreciated.

Give us more details, can you open Hammer at all? If not, what error do you get/ what happens?

I don’t get an error. I just don’t have CS.S avaliable when I click on hammer and the menu coms up, at the bottom there is a space called “Current game” under “Engine version” I need to be able to switch that to CS.S in order to edit CS.S maps. I own the CS.S game, btw.

This doesn’t work for you?

Obvious question perhaps, but do you a) have CSS installed and fully updated and b) run it to the main menu at least once?

Next: Are you sure you’ve reset game configuration and refreshed SDK content?

Yes, I already received help and neither of those were the problem. I actually had to go through a bunch of steps in enabling it using some steps while in Hammer. Thank you, though.