How do I get downloaded content into GMod


Dude… at the website, find what you want, then click download. while that is opening, go to gmod/gmod/addons , and then drag and drop the file(s). if it is a gamemode, then garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemode… so on so forth. if this did not help, please reply, because i am pretty sure that this is the most straightforward you can get…

i have to click on my username in the steamapps folder but then i cant fid the Gmod folder!

Then you use gmod 9 or you dont have gmod 10

you have to run Garry’s Mod at least once for the folders to show up.

It will be listed as garrysmod when it does show up

I cant find any of the files for steam or garrys mod wtf?

Go to your program files, then to the Steam folder, steamapps, (your username), Garrysmod, garrysmod, addons.

Do you have Gmod standalone?

If you are using a non-steam version of Garry’s Mod Final Version than you cannot install Addons,maps,game-modes,or anything. Using a pirated version of Garry’s Mod is illegal.

That is the point to asking him if he has the standalone version…

Why? What kind of folder structure do these standalones have?

I’m not entirely sure, but there is no legal standalone version. Standalone = Pirated = Ban.

I downloaded GMod from Steam, and my computer wont recognize bit Torrents

Read this

i think i got it i just downloaded uTorrents

Are you saying you downloaded gmod off a torrent?

No he’s saying he needed help with torrents and it looks like he got it working.