How do I get Garry's Mod to use Textures and models from Source SDK?

How do I get Garry’s Mod to use Textures and models from Source SDK or Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer? I ask this because Source SDK Downloads textures from CS: Source and other Source games

Extract the materials and models from the garrysmod _dir.vpk file using gcfscape. Once you get all the stuff you want put them in your counter-strike/cstrike/ folder and use the CS:S SDK to use the models and materials.

SourceSDK does not download CS:S textures.

So where do I find gcfscape? is it built in or do I have to download it?

It downloads some :smiley:

Why don’t you just use SteamCMD to get them instead of trying to be a special snowflake?

SteamCMD does not have actual texture files, only the materials as far as I know.


Ok now I’m kinda stuck. What do you mean by use the CS:S SDK? do you mean source sdk?