How do I get good quality screenshots on gmod?

What settings should I have?

And is there any command I can do to make them better?

When I take a picture using the picture tool it makes horrible low quality pictures all the time.

How do I take a good one?

Thanks for the help.

Turn your graphics all the way up under the video tab in “options.” And set jpeg_quality to 100 in the console.

How do I set the quality to 100? I tryed typeing jpeg_quality “100” but nothing happened.

And how do I know there all the way up? I set everything to high but the quality is still bad, I’m guessing it is the JPEG quality however.

Still, thanks for helping.

Do you know what the console is? You’re supposed to type it there.

I did, it didn’t say anything I asume nothing happened.

Here is what it looks like right now when I take one:

It’s ok but not great. (No editing done)

Try playing around with the post processing effects in Gmod. Like depth of field, color mod, bloom, etc. Mess around with the fog settings, too, until you get something that looks realistic. Don’t use that flashlight as a light source. Use the lamp tool instead so you can get a better angle that complements the lighting. For the screenshot above, try leaving less empty space by using the camera tool to zoom in and rotate the picture. Turn your AA up to the highest too, if your computer can handle it.

Thanks alot!

That’s very helpfull.
Have a usefull, both of you. :slight_smile:

After a bit of messing I get:

Dosn’t look as nice as it did in game. But I think the picture is better, thanks again for the lamp tip.
Still couldent improve jpeg quality, is there a way to make it save as a PNG image? They usaly turn out better don’t they?

As for jpeg compression, screw it. Use the “devshots_screenshot” command. I wrote a big thing on it and did a per-pixel comparison back in the day.

I can also see in the picture that you need to turn on anti-aliasing (AA). This is set in the advanced video options menu. If it lags you to hell, then only turn it on before you take your screenshot. Also, save your scene so that you can turn AA, restart the game, then take your screenshot. Sometimes the reflections will turn into purple/black checkerboard textures when you drastically change video settings (maybe there is a console command to rebuild cubemaps and skip restarting the game all together?)

Also, if your monitor supports it, turn the resolution as high as it can go (also right before taking your screenshot). It will look shitty on your monitor in game but the resultant screenshot will be a gigantic picture perfect properly proportioned print (yes I am ‘alliterate’ :downs:).

I’ll give that a shot now, wish me luck!

Picture will be edited in once done.

Would you say there is a diffrence? (I think it looks smoother)
AA is set to 4x, I think…
And I put res the highest it will go.

Png images are usually slow to load here on FP. As mentioned, type

jpg_quality 100

in the concol. Bring the concol up by pressing the key under Esc. Pictures will come out sharp and nice. This is what most do.

Well shit, I was going to search my old posts and dig my write-up on it out of the abyss, and it seems the forum doesn’t go back past 2009 now. Looks like I’m going to have to repost it.

Basically it is this:

**There is a console command, “devshots_screenshot”. What it does, is it takes a screenshot (no shit right? lol) but instead of a .JPG, it saves it as a .TGA. There is no chance of any compression and everything you see on the screen is exactly as it will be in the screenshot. The standard .JPG screenshots actually compress individual pixels around high contrast areas, even with the quality at maximum (jpeg_quality 100). Don’t ask me why, it makes no sense but somehow it saves space and that’s how it works.

The way to use this in game follows

Go to your console


see end of paragraph


and type this exactly:**

bind "\" "devshots_screenshot"

**and press enter. Now every time you want to take a screenshot, take out your camera, aim it, and press your \ key (no need to click the mouse). A high quality screenshot will be silently taken and placed in your “screenshots” folder. Substitute the \ key for whatever key you prefer.


enabled through “advanced options” in your keyboard controls option screen, then use the `[~] key to bring it up



The only problem is that the screenshots take up more space. The remedy is too easy, though. You open the .TGA in photoshop, then re-save it as a .JPG at level 12 quality. It preserves the quality, even on a per-pixel basis. And yes, I have spent many dozens of minutes (not really hours heh) looking at individual pixels at 1200% zoom in photoshop and I can’t tell a difference between gmod output .TGA and photoshop output .JPG (12 quality). The size difference is massive, though. Photoshop .JPGs are only a few KB larger than default gmod output .JPG screenshots.

Don’t know if this method works in gimp or, as I don’t use either of those.

Long post is loong…


The new image looks much better with AA enabled. Those ugly jagged edges are smoothed over and the whole image looks a lot “crisper” (lol is that a word?)

There is great progress being achieved here.

I did what you said R M S 1 3 but I don’t see a huge diffrance. (Still I do see abit of a diffrence and it looks better)
Thanks alot.
I’m done for now. I’m happy with it, I need to go and do some stuff.

I look forward to making some good pictures in the future!

Actually that’s some alright camera work, with a bit of practice you could do some good shit

RMS, how would that work with Super DoF? I mean, the little rendering thingy is still there unless you press “Save Screenshot”.


And Crimson, try to improve your posing. If your poses are shit and you edit them, you’ll be polishing a pile of crap. No matter how shiny it is, it’s still a pile of crap.

kind of does ( not rendered but it should work either way)

Oh cool.

You also might want to try turning up your resolution to get bigger pictures.

I turn my resolution as high as it will go and the picture come out that size. It’s strange.

Common problem, my desktop resolution is 1440x900, but my Garry’s Mod resolution can only go as high as 1152x864.

Also, use because Photobucket resizes your pictures.