how do i get hammer to open test gaming in gmod?

do i have to change the engine that the source SDK refers to? because they dont show gmod which is what i really want to use. how do i get gmod to be the map test engine?

Are you saying you don’t know how to set up a Gmod config for hammer or something? Can’t really tell through broken English.

if i hit F9, it opens my map in hl2 ep2, can i change it to gmod? if thats wat your trying to ask?

Keep the ep2 config, you’re far less likely to fuck it up.

If you want gmod textures/models, use GCFScape and extract all the materials/models from the gmod .gcf to ep2’s respective folders. If you want to test a map in gmod instead of ep2, copy the bsp from ep2’s maps folder and copy it into garrysmod, fire up garrysmod, then type into the conosle: “map mapname” (without quotation marks)

But if you insist on a gmod config, put it under Source 2007, following this guide

NOTE: when it asks you to put int the paths to BSP/VIS/RAD, change /bin/orangebox/bin/ to /bin/source2007/bin/

sweet so if i wanted i could create stand alone mods like portal or gmod too using that config stuff… if i had all my files orginized right and had mapping/skinning/game play/lighting skills, right?