How do I get it more detailed?

I have work with hammer in 1 year now and i have a problem how do i get my maps more detailed?

Video #1

Video #2

After watching those videos I picked up a few things in your maps that are missing.

There is no door frames for the doors. A door pretty much always has a door frame, its a necessity when creating interior spaces. It would be quite shoddy workmanship if someone screwed your door to some concrete bricks.

Your lighting has no light source. Light doesn’t just come out of nowhere, it needs something to emit it. Your maps lack that. Add props near light sources and make use of other light entities such as spotlights to give a more realistic atmosphere.

The first map in particular has a great lack of props. There is very few ‘passive’ props. If you look at any Valve map you will notice that you probably can’t look anywhere without seeing an array of props, unless your looking straight at a wall of course. Props add character and dress the room up, they will add great detail to a room.

Finally, make use of various decals to add some extra detail on walls. The limit with textures over say a model skin for example is that they have to be very basic to an extent to prevent repeating when tiling. Therefore it is difficult to add a great level of detail as for example a stain on the wall would be repeated over and over therefore looking very unrealistic. This is where decals are used, to add these characteristics outside of the texture to provide an extra level of detail. Obviously don’t go crazy and cover your walls in them, but subtle decals can really give the room an added level of detail.

I would write more but I am dieing for a shit, so hope that helps!

Thx that really helped me ! :smiley:

Watch tutorials, anyone but 3kliksphillips as well, my tutorials or firegod522s are good ones.

Check out as well.

Good point. Many people don’t like 3kliksphillip… But he has helped many people around here get started at mapping… Me being one.

tisdagslanet <3

lulwut? :eek:

I see…

I can already mostly in the hammer, I just need to practice and practice to get it look good.

Haha tisdagslanet = Tuesday LAN was a LAN Party me and my friends have ^^

I have already look at every tutorial by interloopers, halfwit-2 and many youtube videos by rocketrascal34 :smiley:

Like I said check out other videos apart from 3kliks

yeah what ^^^ said, youtube is your friend man.

Many people round here who use his tutorials end up becoming bigheaded twats who can’t make a non fullbright map for shit. I’m glad you are one of the few exceptions.

^ lols
made me giggle abit

some tuts are horrid in instruction, some are bad in visuals but great in instruction, some are silent which is basically pointless, others are very in depth, and a few are in German or something i cant understand which to some is useful but to me useless. but whatever floats your mapping boat i guess

propper can be used to make some brushwork into models (train tracks, buildings, brushed trees (grr another thread) which will reduce the number of planes on a map and make vvis happier

In the second video, I noticed that you had buttons moving sideways. Check the properties and make sure move distance is set to zero. There may be a “Don’t Move” flag, though I don’t have Hammer open right now.

I find his shorter videos to be quite useful if you don’t want to wait through an intro and jsut learn how to do something simple.

Yeah I would go with the “Don’t Move” flag myself. It never seems to fail me.

Yeah, when I first started mapping, “3kliksphilip” or whatever his name is, started off fine, but when it came to natural lighting, he sucked. I would totally recommend “sphinxa279’s” youtube channel. Heaps of great videos.

Thanks buddy, I need to get some more videos on there soon what with a new PC and all :3: