How do i get L4D in Gmod?

I want to be able to use L4D NPC’s and Zombies, so how do i do it? I’ve seen it on Youtube, people with L4D stuff…

Care to give a link?

Garry has already stated he will not add L4D content to the game as the newer lighting effects and such would make him have to upgrade Gmod to a new version of the source engine, making the game unplayable for some users.

Any content out there for L4D in Gmod is made by users and has been modified to work in gmod on a limited basis. Search around for that stuff.

Ok: This isnt the vid i was referring to, but it proves my point: Is that just the map, or is he playing in gmod?

Nope, Construct in L4D. You can do that with maps like CP_dustbowl and Office

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yeah ok fair enough but how du u get the map onto Gmod in the first place?

It’s the Gmod map in L4d, and you can do this with GCFScape and extracting it.

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Yeah, this is just someone who ported a gmod map into L4D. When you see one of the survivors pull out a toolgun and start placing hoverballs, let me know. :stuck_out_tongue: