How do i get map textures from maps?

Like lets say i want to do a reskin of things on a map but i don’t know how to get the textures for it like lets say theirs a sign and i want to change the sign to something else, how can i do that?

Are you saying you want to create a new texture entirely? If so, theres some handy tuts on Half-wit and Interlopers.

Assuming it’s not on a model, look at the brush face in question, go into the console put sv_cheats to 1 and then mat_showmaterials. If it’s a model, skip to the next step.

Get pakrat and open up the map, look for a material/model with the appropriate name. If it’s there, open it and edit it. If not use GCFscape to hunt through the GCFs to find the material you are looking for.

For a default texture, once you have the custom texture you wish to swap the original with, name it the same as the original and put it in the same directories as the original (i.e. if it was in materials\models\rock in the gcf, then in your folders on the pc it should be in materials\models\rock). If you wish to redistribute then you can use pakrat to include the texture in the map file at this stage, or overwrite the original.