How do I get more population on my darkrp server

So I bought a DarkRP server a few days ago and nobody seems to be playing, or atleast rejoining. What makes people want to come back to the server and enjoy playing it?

Custom content. And custom doesn’t mean something off the workshop.

Why should they come back to your server if they can go to a server that’s been developed?

Another good possibility could be your staff.

Hmm, like what custom, like better guns?

I would suggest custom weapons, jobs, donor packages, and other cool things.

I do have custom jobs, I don’t have Fastdl and I’m playing on bangclaw. Is it worth getting fastdl as some people can’t play as they don’t have the map or wire?

Yes. FastDL isn’t that hard to set-up either. You could either rent a webhost or, just use Dropbox.

yes very much worth getting but before you buy a webhosting make sure your server doesnt already have one… some servers come with fastdl

isn’t fastdl still fucked?

[lua]for i=1,20 do
That will give you more population instantly.