How do I get my money back (From kurodipshit.)

I am sick and tired of kuros crap and how he treats his customers. I need tips on how to get my money back for his scripts. You all want to know what has happened?

Basically. He has transferred everything over to Ideal-Hosting. AKA Computer22. The dipshit that runs gmod.BiZ he basically has made us go on a slow ass site for /his/ support that only lasts 6 months from purchase now. kurozael has also ripped me off by overcharging me for both my schemas. 300$ ea. I am starting a movement against kurozaels actions; granted it won’t go very far.

tl;dr How do I get my 600$ that kurozael mind raped me for.

oh and.

Up yours kurozael and up yours computer22 and don’t ever buy a premade script.

Didn’t you once support him? You seem familiar.

You are an idiot for buying anything from him in the first place, After all he has done.

sue him

Read before you buy.

Status Update: Hes charge backing him with paypal.

It was terrible two years ago. I am sure it is terrible now.

Wait what?
Why would anyone play 300 dollars for a gmod script?

Why would you spend $600 on any software related to GMod? Unless it is a modeler, of course.

I have a question and it envolves maps most of which are rollplay these pleated wedding dresses. The problem is map like RP_Downtown V2 crash when loading or when I look somewhere. And GM long sleeve wedding gowns like Mobenix and Atomic crash when I enter a teleporter to enter different areas.

Thats why I charged him back. :downs:

All good. Burn in hell.

Could somebody explain to me who this kuro character is?

A Butthurt kid.

You have? Oh, I don’t see it. Maybe that’s because you bought them over 2 months ago and PayPal are laughing at you. You still have access to the control panel, support and free updates - you’re just banned from the discussion forum for constantly trolling and flaming other people because you’re a 12 year old kid.


The world is a better place.

You’re acting like a child…

Rawr, quite a catfight we got going on here. Really guys, take it to PMs, we dont want to see it.

…AHAHAHAHA…Oh wait you’re serious? Well in that case, you’re never going to get your money back. I don’t expect you saw the No refunds policy on Kuros ass when you were kissing it.

What are you talking about? This is GREAT material!