How do I get my opponent to attack/etc?

I’m new to GMod and can’t figure out how to get my opponent to attack me or do whatever. They just kind of lay around so far.

Thanks for helping a NOOB.

edit I also can’t figure out how to drive a vehicle.

Did you spawn them from the HL2 Character menu on the spawnmenu, or through the NPC menu?

For NPCs, make sure you are in the NPC tab, and click on a combine, or another enemy character from Half Life 2. Citizens will not attack you, nor will rebels. For vehicles, simply look at the seat in the front-center area of the vehicle and press the “E” key.

You probably just spawned a ragdoll, just head over to the NPC tab and spawn a character under the enemy section.

You spawned a ragdoll (basically a limp body you can pose) instead of the NPCs, which are the ‘living’ things.
To drive, you simply stand by the front seat, look at them, and press ‘E’.

The useful information you have provided us, which clearly describes your problem and I can say without a doubt that you, sir, are a dumbass.

Seriously, play more than five minutes without going to forums.

Well that’s not very nice, nor helpful. He’s obviously new to both the game and the forums, I think you should ask him for more information instead of calling him a dumbass and being an asshole.

He is both. Play the fucking game at least an hour before even CONSIDERING going to forums. People these days are dumb, retarded and lazy and want to be spoonfed.

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