How do I get my server out of the Base Gamemode section?

I made a completely original gamemode derived from base. I set the name in the txt file and shared.lua, but my server is still listed under the “Base Gamemode” section. How do I get it under it’s own section?

Share your gamemode’s text file and the name related parts of shared.lua

txt for gamemode:

    "base" "base"
    "title"  "Overwatch (BETA)"
    "version"   "0.9"
    "menusystem"	"1"

    "author_name"   "OmegaPlasm"
    "author_email"  ""
    "author_url"    ""

    "maps"  "^dm_"

    "icon"  ""
    "info"  ""
    "hide"  "0"

shared.lua for gamemode:
[lua]GM.Name = “Overwatch”
GM.Author = “OmegaPlasm”
GM.Email = “N/A”
GM.Website = “N/A”[/lua]